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United Kingdom
My name is Colin, and i'm from the South East of England. I can't draw to save my life, and the vast majority of my posts are going to be of Warhammer 40k models that i've painted.

Current Residence: Somewhere in time
Favourite genre of music: Metal, Punk, Rock
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Favourite cartoon character: Alphonse Elric (FMA) Saito (GitS)
Personal Quote: Meh, doesnt bother me
So...yeah, another thing that i've neglected on here...the Journals.

Don't normally have anything to write, but with what GW is/has been releasing, i'm happy.

As I've previously mentioned on here, i play Warhammer 40k; and have been for quite along time, think the first version of it was 2nd edition when i was very young- played more and didnt really enjoy painting it. When the Dark Eldar came out, i stopped playing it, and when I was probably about 18 i started to play it again- mainly because one of my managers did and he convinced me to start again; Slowly got back into it, but enjoyed painting alot more; this being important as some of the guys i played with always wanted to play with painted minis, and obviously, with practice you get better.

The one thing that i've stuck to, despite having different armies as well, i've always liked the Blood Angels; or at least Codex: Blood Angels. The first White Dwarf that I truly remember getting, had a battle report between Renegade Imperial Guard, and a combined force of Marines from the Main 4 chapters back in the day, the Dark Angels, Space Wolves, Ultramarines and the Blood Angels. Obviously, there wasn't that huge an army of each, but it was the Blood Angels that really "peaked my interest". Think it might have only been a Death Company + Chaplain in a Rhino and a Land Speeder, but i liked them. (It was also when the Leman Russ Demolisher came out, trying to find out when aboust it was...)

Like I say...I stopped playing it for a few years, and came back when Codex Blood Angels was a supplement that was included in WD, but i didn't do an army of them, did an army in midnight blue (think some pictures are in with my art, not sure). GW then preceedded to release the (now old given a new codex is coming out) codex and I went straight to doing them, and thus the Blood Guard army were started. Fast forward even more (and the reason i'm now doing Angels Sanguine...) I picked up some models at Salute to make some Sternguard marines from, and a few months later, GW released the awesome new ones, so I thought i'd do a small force of them, try something different but still be able to use the same Codex. (In the same time, i've got Imperial Guard/Astra Millitarium models, a small Thousand Sons force as well as some Word Bearers)

Now, my Angels Sanguine army is bigger than intended, with no signs of stopping soon. GW are redoing the Blood Angels, and i'm a happy bunny. I know what i'm getting for Xmas, Getting a copy of Deathstorm (daft not to as the money im saving is probably a lot, and i'm trading the Tyranids for an Astra Millitarum Taurox) as well as the new Data cards and tactical squad and an Imperial Guard Commisar to boot.

As can be said, I'm happy. The Army that i've been waiting for has returned to 40k...And Once Red, always Red.
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